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Piglet: How do you spell love?
Pooh: You don’t spell it .You feel it!

Below you will find links to the articles in this month’s magazine.
Intro from the Rectory
Queen Elizabeth ll’s speech, April 5th 2020
All Saints Church, Mettingham
Barsham newsletter May 20 and FoodBank
Hymn Quiz
ISOLATION by Betty Warnes
Life in the Convent at Ditchingham
News from Connected Church (Tearfund)
One day in September
Parish Giving / QuietWaters
Poem by Pam Ayres
Prayer List for May 2020/a>
Quotes and poems
Rainbow colouring poster
Roseheath Ramblings
Thy Kingdom Come 2020 for May 2020
To make you smile

VE Day Celebrations
VE Day
Lyrics of “We’ll meet again”
Unmentioned in Despatches
Wartime Recipes